Thursday, December 05, 2013

Obama: On Second Thought - Not only did I meet Uncle Omar, I lived with him too

It appears President Obama is more anti-social then we first thought. The President lived with his Uncle Onyango “Omar” Obama for three weeks when he moved to Boston to attend college. But in 2011, the White House said they two never met.

Onyango-ObamaBack in 2011, the White House stated that President Obama never met his illegal immigrant Uncle Onyango Obama. Today, following Onyango Obama deportation hearing, the White House stated that the President did live with his Uncle back in the 80s while he was waiting on his apartment. They further stated that the President kept in touch with his Uncle for many years but lost touch with him some ten years ago.

So how did the White House spin it? Jay Carney says that when Onyango Obama was arrested for drunk driving, the White House was asked about the President and Obama's relationship, Carney said that they looked at the record and could find no information that the two ever met. Carney said that no one asked the President directly.

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