Monday, December 02, 2013

MSNBC Martin Bashir 'Suspended' or 'Vacay' following Palin Comments

Martin Bashir Suspended?

MSNBC host Martin Bashir is either out on vacation or has been temporarily suspended from the network, according to a new report by POLITICO’s Dylan Byers, following his infamously crude remarks about Sarah Palin. Bashir was out all last week from his eponymous show, with frequent MSNBC contributor Joy Reid filling in up to Thanksgiving.

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MSNBC spokesperson Lauren Skowronski says Martin Bashir is on Vacation?
bashir-palinMSNBC spokesperson Lauren Skowronski told a different story: "He’s still out on vacation," she wrote in an email. Asked multiple times when Bashir would return from vacation, Skowronski did not respond.

On Nov. 15, Bashir called Palin "a world class idiot" because she made a comparison to slavery while discussing U.S. debt to China. The host then read an excerpt from the diary of a former plantation manger who wrote of forcing one slave to "S-H-I-T" in another slave's mouth, and said "if anyone truly qualified for a dose of [such] discipline... then she would be the outstanding candidate." Bashir later apologized to Palin and to his viewers for the remarks, calling them "deeply offensive."

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A long vacation or suspension? We don't know, what we do know if Bashir said the same thing about Hillary Clinton, he would be more than Fired.

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