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Who is Responsible, GM, ACORN or Both?


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Obama Campaign illegally gave 800 Thousand Dollars to ACORN, Caught!

Obama Campaign illegally gave 800 Thousand Dollars to ACORN, Caught!

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By Albert N. Milliron, Editor, Politisite.com

From 1959 through the seventies Consumer advocate Ralph Nader went after the automobile industry for safety issues in American vehicles.  He wrote, “The Safe Car You Can’t Buy” and “Unsafe at Any Speed.”  In these articles he blamed General Motors.  Lawsuits prevailed and General Motors was ruled to be responsible for the dangers of the automobiles.

If an assembly line worker accidentally punctured a gas tank duringinstallation on a GM vehicle, who would the courts find responsible? General Motors? Yes,  GM would be ultimately responsible for the actions of it’s assembly line workers.

In comparison, when workers at several offices offer inappropriate advise to a Prostitute and Pimp on how to falsify tax documents, set up a fraudulent business, and help establish a means to financially benefit from underage illegals as dependents. Who is responsible?

In addition,  when workers in several states falsify voter registration documents. Today, the Atlas Shrugs Blog had an exclusive interview with a former ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, worker, who admits that the organization encouraged throwing out Voter registrants who marked that they wanted to register as ‘Republican’ in the garbage. Who is responsible?

According to Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, it is the individuals at fought as the problems are not systemic in nature. What?

I am sure, beyond doubt, that Bertha Lewis would have joined Ralph Nader in going after General Motors for individual assembly line failures on automobiles manufactured between 1959 and the late seventies. In fact, Lewis has gone after many companies for just that, individual failure within an organization. So why, isn’t ACORN responsible for its own internal and individual failures?

I am Just Wondering.

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