Thursday, October 01, 2009

Paradise lost: teen mayor dethroned in N.L.

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

Many Canadians may have to ask themselves, where are the quality of Elected officials in this country when a teenager can be elected?

Furthermore what does this say of the calibre of politicans who continually lie bald face to the electorate that voters throw up their arms in disgust and vote for someone such as this teenager, who many may feel is not yet jaded by partisian politics and may be the better choice?

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Kurtis Coombs won a municipal election in Paradise, N.L., on Tuesday, beating the incumbent mayor by just three votes to become Canada's youngest mayor ever.

But a recount put the two in an exact tie, and according to local reports, Coombs officially lost the election Thursday when officials randomly selected the name of incumbent Ralph Wisemen in a tie-breaker.

Wiseman, who has been mayor of the town since 2005, had asked for a recount on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, Coombs said he's thrilled with his political opportunity.

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