Sunday, October 04, 2009

Immigration bad for us, new Canadian book says

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Yeah, well, one did not need to do a long expensive and exhaustive study to figure that little tidbit of information out did they?  Many in the Politically correct circles, especially politicians who would gladly trade ethnic votes to guarantee an election win to stay in office are on of biggest Pro Immigration proponents.  Is it any wonder?  Of course New Immigrants would gladly sell their souls and vote for whoever gets them that Ticket to Ride to Canadian Shores!

There is no arguement that skilled immigrants add much needed value to Canada, where as third world immigrants with little or no social or education place a major drain on Canada's society, with many of these third world immigrants becoming ghettoized into urban areas such as Toronto ghettos where major crimes are committed, with gangs and shootings commonplace as reported in the media. Many of these immigrants have little prospects in getting further education, learning to read, write and comphrend enough english or french to get even the most menial of jobs. Those that do, work below minimum wage by unscrupoulous employers.

Canada needs to stop being the Worlds social agency for Immigrants, especially those who come here, get thier citizenship and then leave for their former country to live and work, only to return sporadiacally in order to be eligble for Old Age Security, to have their children born in Canada or educated.  I am looking at your Asian and the Middle East!!!!  Remember the fiasco when Palestine came under invasion and Canada had to send friggin Cruise ships to get Canadians out of Palestine. HELLO!!!!!!!  You really think those thousands of Canadians were just visiting? Give your Head a Shake People!

That is not to say it is racism, it is a fact of life, and not right or fair to anyone, especially when Canada has more than enough mouths it is struggling to feed as it is and has little time to rescue part time Canadians or those whose Countries who rely on our foriegn aid to help their people, don't and line their own pockets with our Taxpayer funded Forigen aid while their people starve.

Time to shut off the tap and care for our own!


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For years, Canadians have been led to believe that mass immigration is necessary to fill labour shortages, make up for our low fertility rates and finance expensive social programs.

In a shot across the bow of political correctness, a new book by the Fraser Institute argues that these beliefs are myths and calls for a serious debate on Canadian immigration policy.

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