Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hunger stalks record 1 billion

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Ever wonder which countries seem to have the largest percentage of starving masses?  Ever wonder which countries which have starving masses seem to get the lions share of international food aid?  Ever wonder which of these countries is a democratic country?  Ever wonder which country with the starving masses, largest reciepiant of Western Aid has despot leaders ruling these countries? Ever wonder where all this food and monetary aid is going?  Has anyone ever checked the Swiss Bank accounts of these despot dictators to find out how in the hell did they amass a great fortune once in power, yet before taking power, they did not have a pot to piss in monetarily?

Now ask yourself, how come we have countless questions to which no one can answer? Answers that despots need to provide before we hand out billions of aid dollars which do not seem to be getting to the starving masses it was intended for.

They say cut the head off the snake to eliminate the problem, I say withhold all western aid till the despots are overthrown from power, as no aid money means no food or weapons for their armies.  One thing we all know is the armies the world over march on their bellies, and without food those armies will soon revolt or walk away from the despots.  Then and only then will we see a change.  Many will say in the meantime while we wait for a change of government, millions will die.  I say to that, they already are!

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NAIROBI, Kenya -- Parents in some of Africa's poorest countries are cutting back on school, clothes and basic medical care just to give their children a meal once a day, experts say. Still, it is not enough.

A record 1 billion people worldwide are hungry and 30 countries now require emergency aid, including 20 in Africa. And those numbers will increase dramatically if governments do not spend more on agriculture, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The gloomy trend continues despite a goal set by world leaders nine years ago to cut the number of hungry people in half by 2015.

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