Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grits distance selves from Ruby Dhalla's old age benefits bill

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Of course the Lieberals want to distance themselves from this farsical Twit of an MP who has been given her comeuppance by the Public outraged that Little Miss Ethnic Votes R Us has been found out trying to spend Canadians money on those who would be recent aged arrivals only need to wait  a piddly 3 yearrs in Canada and never have to work in Canada a day in their life to collect what many Canadians work a lifetime to collect. That is our Old Age Pension, granted it may only be 7000 dollars or so a year, but why should someone who is a recent arrival and close to old age eligibilty reap the benefits without having to pay a god damn dime into it?  Ruby Tuesday, Dhalla Wally Dingo thinks it is perfectly fine.  So how about Ruby offer her pension for life to the tune of 100K a year to her constituents to pay for their aged parents who are allowed to come to Canada!  Hello Ruby, you hear me?  I didnt think so!

Course Ruby is not alone in all this, there were  a slew of ethnic vote grubbing liberals who were all part of the scam to get more ethnic votes, but it seems, they all backed away leaving Ruby stranded to wallow in her own political fecal mess. Liberal Leader Ignatieff and his Toronto Handlers I am sure wanted this Ruby reading to just go away, considering his Liberal pre election stance againt the Ruling Conservative Government as he issues them a throw down Challenge that Canada is in an Economic Mess, and only the Liberals would be as fiscally responsible would not bode well if this Reading by Ruby and her Wonk Backpeddlers came in sneaking in the backdoor.

So don't trust a lieberal is the catchword, cause just because this Ruby Tuesday reading of the bill is shelved for now, mark my words backdoor banditry by the Lieberals to come up with something just as outrageous is not too far in the offing, especially when it comes to grabbing as many ethnic votes and ludicrious promises to immigrants to this country, regardless how much Canada's jobless and economy suffers.  After all it is just politics and our money! 

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OTTAWA — The Liberal party’s seniors and pensions critic says she will not support a contentious bill introduced by one of her fellow caucus colleagues that would improve access to Old Age Security pension benefits for seniors.

The legislation, tabled by Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, was designed to allow elderly immigrants to qualify for the pension benefits after being in the country for three years, instead of the current requirement of 10. But Judy Sgro, the seniors and pensions critic, said the Liberal party wants to come up with a more comprehensive approach to addressing pension issues.

“The leader (Michael Ignatieff) and the Liberal caucus feel the solutions to the challenges facing our national pension and retirement systems must be addressed holistically and with a comprehensive national vision,” Sgro said in a statement released late on Monday afternoon. “Expenditure of public dollars must never be made without careful consideration of the long-term ramifications on the public treasury.”

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