Thursday, October 15, 2009

Conservatives 'really taking off' in polls: A Majority in sight?

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

A conservative lead in the polls may mean a majority government if it came down to an federal election today. It's about time Canadians gave their heads a shake and know Common Sense needs to rule and not Liberal rhetoric with no substance.

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Stephen Harper, the piano man and economic manager, is making Canadians so comfortable they want to see him win a majority government, according to a new national public opinion poll.

The EKOS Research survey conducted for the CBC shows that the Conservatives' substantial lead over Michael Ignatieff's Liberals is solidifying – a lead that now has the Tories knocking on the door of a majority government.

According to EKOS, the Tories now enjoy 40.7 per cent support compared to 25.5 per cent for the Liberals, 14.3 per cent for the NDP, 10.5 per cent for the Green Party and 9.1 per cent for the Bloc.

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