Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yemen a new hot spot for Canadian Muslim terrorists: Minister

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Well certainly a review by our government on those who visit these areas would be nice, before they blow up our Country and our Neighbours to the South.   Time to kick ass take names and permanently stop all this liberal opposition whose previous wishy washy mollycoddling of terrorists, I say give no quarter, and shoot em on sight, In Canada, the US or anywhere they poke their turbans!  Gitmo is there for a reason, so we need to stop this crap,. get some hard intel on this and stop it, Pronto!  

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Three years after police disrupted an al-Qaeda-inspired bomb plot in Toronto, Canadian extremists are continuing to seek terrorist training, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said Friday.

Mr. Van Loan said in an interview that Canadian security officials were still observing a "flow" to terrorist hot spots but that Yemen was replacing Afghanistan and Pakistan as the preferred destination.

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