Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The World's Best Coffee is from.................................

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Without a Doubt, Turkey has by far the best coffee going, thick like molasses, and a one ounce cup seems like the equivalent to a pound of coffee,  I was staying in a Turkish hotel with my army buddies and after two days of getting totally wasted on their hooch, the Coffee quickly sobered us up. My memories were hung over in like 110 degree heat, couldn't sleep, we went down to the 24 hour cafe and after downing like 5 cups in an hour, my buddies and I were like the Male Equivalant of "The View", we were quite the Chatty Cathys!

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The topic of which country produces the best coffee can lead to a barista boxing match.  Surely the answer depends on your own particular taste, although some countries are certainly renowned for the flavour of their beans.   Drinking too much coffee one evening, I decided to investigate a little further and see who they were. In no particular order:

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