Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vital Signs: Is capitalism dead or dying?

Barry Artiste Op/Ed
Well I don't know who pissed in this guys Cornflakes, but I do not think America is dying, perhaps it is on life support, and with fiscal responsibilty on both the consumer and government maybe a cure can be found! Support by consumers to the manufacturing industry and Unions to quit being greedy, and paying off the trillion trillion dollar debt to the chinese may be a start. Oh yeah, those Ponzi schemers and Investment Houses whose immoral acts bankrupted the country even more and put the economy in a tailspin with corrupt practises, should be shot as a lesson to others with grandiose ideas of 30 percent returns.  And an Education camp for  Investors who think 30% profits on their returns are possible need a good Bitch Slap into reality.

Then fire every goddamn politician who even sniffs of corruption and jail em for life!

Boy that should be easy to do, short of a revolution.

Then and only then would America be on the road to recovery!

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Vital Signs: Is capitalism dead or dying?
15/09/2009 10:31:28 AM

 Andy Johnson
Sept. 15, 2009 marks the one-year anniversary of the collapse of U.S. financial giant Lehman Bros., which caused deep, worldwide reverberations As we mark the day, CTV.ca presents the second in a six-part series on Canada's economy: the damage done, the recovery that lies ahead -- and whether we might climb out of the financial crisis even stronger.

Is American-style capitalism dying?

According to some, it's already six-feet under, and the crippling recession has dumped dirt on the grave and sealed its fate as a soon-to-be extinct economic system.

But according to others, the system that made America great is still alive and well and poised to regain its place as the envy of struggling economies the world over.

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