Friday, September 11, 2009

Vancouverites blame economy for unsatisfying sex lives: survey

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

If this is the case, then you are doing it wrong! Even microbes on the lowest end of the food chain can do it no problem.

It certainly must be a slow news day at the Vancouver Sun, when just about anyone can do a survey without a smattering of qualifications, except for a bit part on decades ago 21 Jump Street, and get her survey published in mainstream media! Me Thinks someone may have paid a Vancouver Sun Staffer to publish her story for FREE ADVERTISING!   But that could be just speculation on my part!  Going to her Dating site, one can see perhaps Sherrie needs people to help her pay the rent, cause her livlihood depends on getting people to meet, greet and get baloney pony rides after date 3.

What's Next?  A poll by Starbucks which states, the world TOFU supply for their Grande Frappe Tofu Lattes is in jeapordy cause Vancouverittes are packing too much of it into their orfices?

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METRO VANCOUVER — Vancouverites seem to like the action they're getting on the sports fields and the ski hills, but between the sheets?

Forget about it.

According to a new survey of Canadian city dwellers, residents of Metro Vancouver are among the least satisfied with their sex lives.

They're more likely than Canadians in other cities to be trapped in relationships from which they see no escape, and they're more likely to blame their bedroom deficits on the drooping economy.

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