Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vancouver woman mops floor with British soldiers

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Certainly the Stiff British Upper Lips were Bloodied, when this Petite woman went all Rambo on their asses, when British Soldiers though a bit of Bump and Grind with her would be sporting. Eh What?

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A petite Vancouver woman is being sought by an English court after wiping the floor with a collection of Britain’s premier soldiers — the Coldstream Guards — during a brawl at a Christmas party in the guardsmen’s barracks last December.

Ashley Wolfe, 24, was tried in absentia this week at Woolwich Magistrates Court in London after failing to appear on two charges of assault: one involving a soldier’s wife, the other, a sergeant she knocked cold with one punch after pushing two other guardsmen to the floor.

After finding her guilty, the court issued an international warrant for her arrest.

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