Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vancouver Craigslist baby ad couple charged in Winnipeg fraud rin

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Of course we all remember this couple who made National Media attention trying to sell their Baby on Craigslist. This also was not the first time this couple have been known to police. Yet, the Incompetent and Useless British Columbia Judicial system saw fit not to charge them.

Regardless that they claimed it was a sick joke, so is the BC Justice System sworn to protect the innocent, proves how utterly useless the court system is.  Now we find them relocated to mid Canada where they are back plying their trade of criminality!  Will they be charged? Will they get Jail time?

MMM lets see,....... Manitoba is run by a Lefty Government, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.  Too bad they did not try this in Alberta or Quebec, cause sure as hell they would not see daylight for a few years.

A Vancouver couple, who posted their baby in an online ad last year, have been charged for their alleged part in a credit card ring. Winnipeg police say the pair were allegedly embroiled in a group of scammers who used stolen and forged credit cards to rack up about $80,000 in charges.

 In total, seven people have been charged for a June 8 to July 16 spending spree, purchasing electronics, jewelery, limousine rides and airline tickets. Of those arrested are Vancouver’s Jeremy Pete, 27, and Bethany Granholm, 25.

 The pair made national headlines last year after Pete listed their week-old baby girl on Craigslist for $10,000.

No charges were ever laid because the two claimed it was a “sick joke.”

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