Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Vancouver British Columbia schools checking parents for gang ties

Barry Artiste Op. Ed

I remember a time when schools checked on the parents to see who would volunteer on committees such as outings, sports and even for potential candidates for the PTA.

My how times have changed on the Lefty Driven West Coast, where the Law of the Land is , well pretty much non extistent, when Police hands are Zap Strapped in the BC World of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

It is only going to get worse, when an officer has to think twice on profiling a suspect as they drive away!

But the Sheeple who consistently all revolving door justice, sit passively by, that is until some gangster decides to take a school and the children hostage! Then the Complacent, ask How could this Happen?

Give your head a shake you Lefty Morons, it already has!

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VANCOUVER -- Several Vancouver private schools are screening applicants to determine if their families are linked to gangs and pose a risk to students and staff.

"We have recently been engaged by private schools in the Vancouver area to conduct due diligence on the families of prospective students," Kim Marsh, managing director of private investigation firm IPSA International, confirmed to the Vancouver Province.

Mr. Marsh, a former RCMP inspector who headed a police organized-crime unit, won't identify the schools, for privacy reasons, but he acknowledged "it's fair to say" his business has increased following the shooting of West Point Grey Academy parent Betty Yan, in April.

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