Thursday, September 17, 2009

Using Canadian Universities to Foster Hate, Incite Fatah!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Ah, Yes, Canadian Tax dollars used to establish bases of hate on a University Campus, this is not the first time.  We have some University Professors of Arab descent who use their position as Educators to mold impressionable young minds to further their cause in their fight for Jihad on Canadian grounds!  If it is not Hippie Professors using the University Podium to get their lefty message across, it is the other side of the spectrum to Bomb the crap out of Israel. Hitler would be so Proud!

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A Carleton University student is using freedom of information laws to obtain copies of e-mails sent between school administrators regarding the Israel-Palestine issue.

Ben Saifer, a member of Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA), also wants the university to waive the $4,910 fee estimate sent to him for the information request.

Although he’s receiving support from a growing list of faculty members, Saifer admitted Wednesday he hasn’t formally asked president Roseann Runte to wave the fee.

Saifer, a master’s student in political economy, said the university expects his request would result in 2,500 pages of information, which would include e-mails, meeting minutes and other correspondence created since January.

Saifer said he hasn’t contacted the university president about waiving the fee because he hasn’t received responses from administrators in the past on other issues.

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