Monday, September 14, 2009

UN women's agency blocked anti-women Islamic countries: Canada

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

If course the Lefty Liberals are sitting on their hands, when countries with atrocious human rights violations reign supreme.  The reason is as clear as the Nose on the Lefty Liberals face!  Ethnic Votes, as I have said countless times in my Now Public Op.Eds,  The Liberals and to a lesser extent the NDP sole source of elected power is the Immigrant vote.  For without the ethnic vote there two political parties would languish in the poll so much  that it would make Green Party Elizabeth May's Party of NONE, look like a Political Dynamo.

Yet Canadas Herd of Voter Sheep still believe these two parties are the be all and end all in shaping Canada's future!  Really?  How Verbose!  What a vacuum of ignorance we live in!

Where is the outcry among fans of the UN to the clear anti-woman bias this represents? Both the Liberals and (especially) the NDP continue to argue that Canada should team frequently with the UN in pursuing a multilateral approach to foreign policy.

Jack Layton's position on Afghanistan consists largely of relying on the UN to handle difficult details while Canada recalls its troops and puts a priority on unspecified "peacekeeping" duties. But, as Steve Edwards reports below, the UN can't even bring itself to stand up to four countries that oppose creation of a super-agency to focus on promoting the rights of women.

The dissenters? Sudan, Iran, Cuba and Egypt. Where's the outrage from the left? Where are the cries of anger from Canada's women's groups?

Where's the feminist movement?

Too busy signing petitions against 'Israel apartheid', perhaps.

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