Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Toronto Cops hold former attorney general in horrific crash

Barry Artiste OP/Ed

Goodness, Funny that the news do not elaborate like some media who say it is a case of a hit and run, whereby the accused after hitting the cyclist proceeded at Batman speed away from the death scene, only what some say had a change of heart and called a time later from their hotel.  Wonder how one will get out of this one, certainly cannot claim ignorance of the law, since the accused was the former Attorney General of Ontario a scant few months ago.  Ah the Wheels of Justice, Ontario citizens may soon find out will turn slow, if the accused is tries by his peers and friends in the Justice system.

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TORONTO - A former Ontario cabinet minister is reportedly being questioned in connection with a fatal accident Monday night in downtown Toronto.

Media outlets say Michael Bryant, now the head of Invest Toronto, was allegedly in a car involved in the accident. Police say they expect to lay charges but add they will not confirm the identity of the person in custody until they do so.

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