Sunday, September 06, 2009

Students scamming their way into Canada

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

WOW! Who knew this is a tried and true SCAM to get into this country, apply for a student VISA on the premise to learn ENGLISH,  as soon as you hit Canadian Soil, it is off to parts unknown, though 70 percent of these so called illegal student not only enter Canada illegally, but then turn their attention to illegally smuggle themselves into the US, mostly ethnic centres like New York and California.

Biggest place this is happening in Canada is the Vancouver International Airport, where it is said the ratio of Visa Students from Asian countries coming into Canada at 80%, with less than 20% returning back to Asia.  What is the BC Government doing to quell the tide of illegals coming into Canada? Nothing!   It seems like the Liberals prefer to let it slide under the immigration carpet!  Why?  Well, since the majority smuggle themselves into the USA or Toronto, Ontario Canada anyways, it soon becomes a US problem!  Hey, Thanks USA!  You No. 1 Joe!  And a tip of the Hat to you too Torantaw!

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Federal immigration officials are looking into a scheme in which some foreign students are allegedly buying their way into Canada by enrolling in but not attending private language schools springing up in the GTA.

The scam involves Korean students who are here to study English for six months or longer. They are eligible for a work permit, which Canadian officials said allows them to take the jobs of Canadians, and they can then apply for permanent residency based on the work experience.

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