Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Reputed gang member Jackie Tran gets deported, again

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

What is so friggin complicated about the hearings?  Everyone deaf, dumb and blind?  You have this guy dead to rights! Ship him off pronto!  In Vangroovy over 90% of grow ops busted I have attended are by the Vietnamese gangs out here, with rarely a deportation order issued, let alone any jail time. Lets hope Alberta does not follow British Columbia Kid Glove Treatment of Gangs and Criminals. Justice is Justice, not second, third, fourth time in front of the judge, make you friggin decision final or remove yourself from the judges bench and let someone with Balls do your job for you.  If ever there was a call for elected judges in this country, this is yet another reason for it.

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CALGARY - Another decision has been handed down ordering convicted criminal Jackie Tran deported from the country, and has found the 26-year-old is a member of one of two gangs that have "shocked the city of Calgary with their violent rivalry."

The decision, by a member of the immigration division of the Immigration and Refugee Board, found there are reasonable grounds to believe Tran is a member of the FK gang.

This is the latest ruling in a complicated series of hearings during the past year and a half.

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