Friday, September 11, 2009

Political correctness dominates monument debate

Barry Artiste Op. Ed

I don't think it is Political Correctness into play, more like who gives a Rats Ass!  With the job outlook slowly improving,  private donations, especially in this Government town will be few and far between.

Just as the slobbering drivel to have a multi Million "Canada Human Rights Museum" to be built in Ontario, with advertising in the media pleading for donations with the Caveat "For all Proud Canadians to Participate! "Oh give me a Friggin Break and Blow Me!"  If this museum was warranted one could be sure Recent and past Immigrants from Human Rights Abusing Countries would be lining up and throwing Cash for this Museum, well it looks like it's not!  This project seems to be a Vision of some Grandiose Twit who wants Media Attention and People to pat him in the Nuts and say, OHHH you are so Exceptional to do this for Canada!  Hey NewFlash, Fruit Loops, how about going to Countries where real Human Rights Abuses are happening and place a Museum there, where it will do the most good, instead of Picking at the Scabs of our Worlds Worst Despots.  Best to Act instead of Look for Money from Us, Act, by Going to the UN and tell them Morons to stop the lip service and put this World Dictators out of business instead of throwing AID money their way!

Like  I say, Human Rights are a concern, they just shouldn't concern this Moron!  A Museum, much like this Idiotic Victims of Totalitarian Communism Monument  serves nothing, when the real problem is thousands and thousands of miles away, and especially when North American Consumers continue to buy every goddam product made by these Communist countries in our Big Box stores. So stop being so F^ckin Hypocritical, when you say one thing and go right out with your credit card and do another to prop up the communist country you depise!

If Immigrants aint buying, neither will we!

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Political correctness dominates monument debate NCC concerned about offending communists

Last Updated: 11th September 2009, 6:55am

Canada is the land of the free and, if the National Capital Commission’s board of directors is anything to go by, the politically correct.

The board of directors were asked to approve the recommendation of a new national monument called the Victims of Totalitarian Communism on NCC land Thursday.

Ottawa has many monuments and the idea has garnered support all the way up to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But that doesn’t mean the project will be rubberstamped.

Many of the board members expressed concern about the name, a name they say may offend some people.

Helene Grand-Maitre said she was “unsettled” by the name.

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