Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Photos reveal Jaycee Dugard's squalid prison

Barry Artiste Op.Ed
As a parent of two girls and a boy, I am thinking immediate Capital Punishment for both kidnappers, slow and painful by the neck until they are dead, or ripped apart by rabid dogs. This would serve as a warning to others thinking they can get away with Murder, cause being held captive for 18 years in this hellhole is pretty much murder, considering the lifetime of mental treatment the girl and her kids will have to endure, not alone her parents who will see the rapists face in the eyes of their grandchildren every day.

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SAN FRANCISCO - Junk piled high, mounds of clothes strewn across dirty carpets, a fishtank green with rotting algae and a collection of cat statues and snowglobes.

The first glimpse inside Jaycee Lee Dugard's prison has revealed a world of mundane squalor with only a few clues about the interests of the young girls who were forced to grow up in the ramshackle labyrinth of tents and sheds.

The insight into Dugard's living conditions were revealed in a series of pictures taken by a British photographer who reportedly sneaked into the backyard of sex offender Phillip Garrido's home.

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