Friday, September 04, 2009

Is the World Joining in a Hitler Love Fest?

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You know what, in 2 days in the media, Hitler has been featured in contraversy, racial attacks and now a safe sex marketing campaign.  What The F*CK, can't think of anyone else to use? What's next Mass Murderer of 50 women, butchered and fed to his Hogs, Wally Picktons Image going to be used to Sell Pork Products or Swine Flu Vaccines?  Hey how about using John Wayne Gacy as the New MacDonalds Clown?  Better yet, Volkswagons are known to float in water, why not use Dead Ted Kennedy as an image next to a Volkswagon floating on the water with a caption, "If Ted had a Volkswagon, he would be have been President!"  Use your friggin imagine people!

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An advertisement depicting Adolf Hitler engaged in sexual intercourse as a metaphor for the deadliness of AIDS has drawn the ire of groups devoted to spreading awareness about the disease.

The 45-second ad, produced by the award-winning Hamburg-based ad agency das comitee on behalf of Regenbogen E.V., a German AIDS group, explicitly shows an anonymous couple having sex before revealing the man to be a sneering Hitler, followed by the tagline "AIDS is a mass murderer."

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