Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ignatieff unfazed by signs of recovery

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Many say Federal Liberal Leader, Micheal Ignatieff is sticking to his GUNS,come hell or high water!

To that, I say, Never bring an unloaded GUN to a Conservative Knife Fight, cause if you don't have the Political AMMO to back it up with the other opposition parties, you are shooting Blanks, Canadian Polls consistently say, Canadians don't want an Election, and if you persist,  Canadians will vote their Annoyance at you and your Liberal Party, with Prime Minister Harper  and his Wild bunch Conservatives who will Chew your party up and Spit you out!  So Good Luck Quick Draw, better be packing heat, if you intend on taking over Dodge!

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Ignatieff unfazed by signs of recovery

Signs of an economic recovery aren't going to steer federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff away from his drive to topple the Tory government.

Mr. Ignatieff said today he remains committed to engineering an election despite Statistics Canada data showing the economy generated 27,100 jobs in August, suggesting an easing of the recession.

“I think the economy is still struggling,” he told reporters during a news conference, responding to the job numbers.

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