Monday, September 07, 2009

The Hybrid Mayor Gregor, has the Right Stuff!

Barry Artiste Op,Ed

Mayor Gregor Robertson certainly practices what he preaches, certainly the only Mayor in recent memory who on the outset of his election platform that he is Vancouvers Greenest Mayor.

Ya got to give the man his due, he puts his election promises where his priorities lie in making Vancouver Environmentally responsible.  Many politicians lie through their teeth to get elected, Gregor doesn't.  The man if one day runs for Premier will certainly take on all comers, and one would hope if elected would most certainly carry his vision of what BC is all about!  Gregor certainly deserves praise for his initiatives in making Vancouverittes proud of their city.

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It is a simple but potent symbol: A small community garden, planted on what was otherwise an unproductive, empty lawn at City Hall.

Installing the garden was not Gregor Robertson's first act as Vancouver Mayor. It was not his most significant. It had none of the reach or impact of a decision he made in December, barely a month after taking power, to open a handful of street shelters for hundreds of the city's homeless.

That initiative was rushed. It still rankles, even in the posh downtown neighbourhood where two of the shelters were later removed, thanks to community protests.

The garden, on the other hand, was political genius, a tangible way to sell citizens on an ambitious plan.

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