Friday, September 18, 2009

Hospitals are no places for food Nazis

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Well a couple of weeks ago, the end of Shark Week was all the Buzzword Rage.  Now these last two weeks it seems to be Nazi Week, everything from Obama being compared to a Nazi,a Liar,  a Joker (Batman) to a host of other world personalities being condemened as Nazis, Stalin or Mao.  Now today it's Food Nazis?  Will this make its debut on FOOD TV?  Who knows what next month buzzword cliche will bring?  With the World's Economy in a tailspin, Perhaps next weeks Big Showcase Buzzword will be " Due to Economic Downturn, The light at the end of tunnel will be switched off indefinitely"!   

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The food Nazis are everywhere these days. And they're going after everything from sweetened soft drinks to chocolate bars and other snacks in the carts that do the rounds in the wards of Vancouver General Hospital.

Yes, responding to a B.C. government push to restrict so-called junk food in hospital, VGH says it thought it was being sufficiently nutritionally-correct by serving patients healthy meals and ensuring healthy items were for sale in its vending machines.

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