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High number of women quitting the legal profession, report says

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

It is easy to see why more women opt out of the Law Profession, Women for the most part have more ethics, gut instinct, emotion, intelligence and common sense, with less kowtowing to the Justices and Government interference, regardless that many of the crimes which seem to go unprosecuted for time in jail for serious crimes in British Columbia such as violence, honour killings, rape and murder of the female species, all Negatives if one wants to be a Lawyer, especially in Lefty British Columbia. It has been said if Women,in Fact if Mothers ran all countries, there would be no wars, more balanced justice and fairness in Law, there is a reason why we have a female figure holding the scales of Justice, attributed to Greek Goddesses Themis and Justicia. Cause a statue of Man holding the scales of Justice would be ridiculours, Man are Made for War. Woman are the more common sense of the species. So Women should run the entire show. I tend to believe it whole heartedly! Margaret Thatcher is a great example.

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There has been a significant exodus of women from the law profession in recent years, despite the fact that more women than men enter law in B.C.

Last year, there were 260 new female lawyers in the province, compared to 231 males, according to the 2008 annual report of the Law Society of B.C.

But women represent only 34 per cent of all lawyers in B.C. and 29 per cent of lawyers in full-time private practice, reflecting an exodus of women from law careers.

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