Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grits under fire for offending Canadian soldiers

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Welcome to a Liberal World!

What many do not know, many Liberals in Cabinet have shown disdain for Americans, and apparently still do, though this disdain was previously directed at Americans when Bush was in power, a lot of this disdain will extend to Obama, as Liberals are opposed to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and if one googles Liberal MP Denis Coderre, one will find his march behind the banner of the Hezbollah Flag.
Then these was Liberal MP Carrol Parrish, who called Americans Bastards on National TV as she stomped on a Bush Doll, Now, a Freudian SLip perhaps, should she not have said  Bush you Bastard?  No she and another MP Bennett called All Americans Bastards!  Certainly conduct unbecoming to these Political wonks who should hold some reserve when in front of TV cameras, shown across North America? What a fine Bunch of Liberals.

So what makes you think Obama will change the hearts and minds of these groups of Anti American and seemingly Pro Terrorist Liberal Politicians?  

Let us not forget ex Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien whose government intervened on behalf of Omar Khadrs Father, a friend of Bin Laden and fellow terrorist found guilty in a Pakistani court for Blowing up a Consulate in Pakistan, yet Liberal Canada got the Elder Khadr released from a Pakistani prison and brought him home to Canada, and when the elder Khadr recovered from his wounds, he went straight back to Afghanistan, this time bringing his teen sons with him to carry out terrorism and engage in a fierce firefight with US forces, hence the Elder Khadr and one of his sons got blown away in a hail of gunfire, another bullet riddled and became a parapelgic, and finally the youngest Omar Khadr, who we all know is a guest of the American people and currently residing in Gitmo, where he belongs.  That my friends is a Liberal World, a Terrorists friend in need, rely on Canada's Liberals Indeed!

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OTTAWA — The Liberal party is under fire for offending Canadian soldiers with a flyer depicting a tattered Maple Leaf on a rucksack with the words “We used to wear it abroad with pride.”

The partisan pamphlets — known as “10-percenters” — were greeted with outrage as they arrived in mailboxes in the Maritimes this week, including the New Brunswick riding where CFB Gagetown has sent members to fight and die in Afghanistan wearing the Canadian flag.

“It’s very upsetting,” said Tracy Marcotullio, whose husband is now on his third tour in Kandahar. “We just lost two more guys, and this is a real slap in the face to those seriously risking their lives every day.”

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Here are some links to 2 Liberals who feel Americans are Bastards!

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