Monday, September 14, 2009

Foreign students abusing work-study program: Canadian Official

Barry Artiste Op Ed

Certainly another case of Canada being played as fools in the never ending Immigration Fraud reported in the Media, from Hardened Criminals and Gangs buying their way into Canada to Foreign  Students using Education Visas as Economic Refugees with many Politicians who charge our Immigration system is broken and needs fixing Pronto~! One method would be to issue licences to Immigration Consultants and put them under such scrutiny, that penalties would be serious jail time for offenders, instead of slap on the wrist sentencing.

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OTTAWA -- With Canada's youth battling near record jobless rates, some foreign students are apparently subverting a federal program that allows them to study and work in this country, by skipping the studying part of the equation in favour of taking jobs.

A veteran Canadian immigration official in South Korea has blown the whistle on the scheme, alerting his superiors in Ottawa to reports that a majority of prospective Korean students destined for private language schools in Canada do not actually attend a single course.

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