Wednesday, September 09, 2009

For Sale: One destroyer engine, slightly used

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

Well don't that beat all? Nnow all he has to do is find a Battleship to put it in, since he found and bought the container and engine a decade ago for 400 dollars, it should be easy to find a destroyer sitting around Navy Docks waiting to be mothballed.   Otherwise he sells it as is, for some pretty sweet coin.  As they say, someone elses trash, can be someone elses treasure!

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HALIFAX — John Wilson never dreamt there might be anything of value inside the old cargo container he picked up for $400 at a Nova Scotia junk yard in 1998.

So when he finally opened it a decade later, he was astonished to find a fully refurbished gas turbine engine, that once powered the naval destroyer HMCS Athabaskan.

This week, after months of talks with the RCMP and Military Police — to make sure he wasn't in possession of stolen government property — Wilson put the engine up for sale on Kijiji, the classified ads website, for $30,000.

"Open to offers on jet engine . . . used in Tribal Class destroyer," says Wilson's Internet pitch — not the kind of wording you usually see in a classified ad.

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