Sunday, September 06, 2009

Farming out Canadian jobs

Barry Artiste Op. Ed

Ah yes, the old tried and true "Furiners R takin er Jawbs"!  Granted many foriegners who come to Canada are invited by Canadian Farmers looking to capitlize on cheap foriegn labour. Unfair? Yes to the Foriegn Farm Worker, but NO to the Farmer who cannot find anyone to pick his berries and other crops we Canadians love to eat on the cheap!  As for the other jobs in the professional occupations, perhaps it is unfair to Canadians looking for work, but perhaps unwilling to move to other parts of the country for a new position.  Of course there is the Old, Come here now, Vote for me Later, a Favourite among Politicans of all stripes looking for them Ethnic Votes from Ethnic communities Politicans love to frequent around Voting time, wearing the cultural costumes, head gear beads etc! Many Politicans, spout I feel your pain to these groups, cause like all Politicans, they need those Guaranteed Votes in order to collect their FAT PAYCHEQUES and PENSIONS!  Yep, the Circle of Life comes full Circle, on the backs of the Foriegn Farm Worker and Canadians alike! IS there an answer to all this?  Of course, Canada used to be a World Leader in Manufacturing employing millions of Canadians, before those jobs were outsourced to Cheapo China, now we are stuck with McJobs at $8.00 an hour, so perhaps we will need to pay farmhands a higher working wage if you want Canadians to take those jobs, but then Canadians must be prepared to pay higher food prices to support those wages, something Canadian Consumers are always unwilling to do in this "Yellow Smiley Face, Where Low Prices are the Law, Walmart Buying Economy!  In the end, whose fault is it in all this? YOURS!

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If more than 400,000 Canadians lost their jobs this year, and another 800,000 are collecting employment insurance, why did Canada need to import almost 200,000 foreign workers?

The question might leave some scratching their heads, but the facts are undeniable: The federal government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program brought in 192,519 workers in 2008 for more than 500 different occupations -- and more were expected this year. Some work in finance, others in education or entertainment.

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