Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fab Four's ticket to pride: The Beatles

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

Remastering classic Beatle albums has many purists including me think the Mono recordings say so much more as Mono was the way it was recorded giving its true Crackle and Pop technology of the day on LPs. But then I am but a very few who think that way as I have the entire original collection of Beatles LPs , given to me by my parents, that I break out and play when the feeling hits me.

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When Beatles press agent Derek Taylor wrote the liner notes of their 1964 album Beatles For Sale, he joked about how to field queries about the group in "a generation or so." Questions about Beatlemania, Taylor suggested, might come from "a radio-active, cigar-smoking child, picknicking on Saturn."

On one count, though, Taylor was prescient. "The kids of AD 2000 will draw from the music much the same sense of well-being and warmth as we do today," he wrote.

We're nine years past Taylor's then-unimaginable future. He's no longer with us. Neither are John Lennon and George Harrison. But the music? Still here with a vengeance.

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