Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CBC in hot water over racial comments

Barry Artiste Op/ Ed

WOW, Who knew?  CBC the bastion of Lefty Journalism and political correctness allows one of its shows to showcase Blacks as shiftless, lazy, and easy targets against a white background!  Especially when a CBC program alludes to the fact that President Obama would make a fine Sniper Target against the White background of the White House.  But to be fair to the Lefty Organization, Eddy Murphy already said all this in his Delirious Stand up Comedy Routing in the 1980s.  Betcha Conservatives are Beaming, knowing CBC is getting its just desserts. MMMM Desserts,,,,,,,,,Scandalicious!

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OTTAWA — CBC broke the rules by airing tasteless and abusive racial comments, Canada’s television watchdog said Monday, as it ordered the public broadcaster to offer an “unqualified” apology to the public.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it received hundreds of complaints about a New Year’s Eve show on Radio-Canada featuring numerous jokes about blacks, domestic violence and anglophones.

In one sketch, comedian Jean-Francois Mercier says, “It would be good to have a “negre” in the White House” because the colour contrast would make it “easier to shoot him.”

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