Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canadian soldier going to court-martial murder charge of Taliban

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Some may think its murder, I think of it as a Mercy Killing, to allieviate the suffering of a enemy combatant. Only one who experiences War would know this.

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OTTAWA — A Canadian soldier will face a second-degree murder charge at a military court martial over the death of a wounded, unarmed Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan last year.

The Defence Department announced the court martial Friday involving Capt. Robert Semrau, who was released from detention in January, in connection with the death of a Taliban insurgent in October 2008. As a condition of his release, Semrau was not allowed to possess weapons, even for his military duties. Semrau was arrested on Dec. 31.

His case had been referred to the Canadian Force Director of Military Prosecutions and three additional charges were added, the Defence Department said in a news release Friday.

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