Thursday, September 03, 2009

Canada's Human Rights Tribunal, gets Bitch Slapped!

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

What more is there to say, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) whose Goose Stepping Mandate to prosecute anyone who has even a mild disagreement with anyone of race, culture or religion, has received the BITCH SLAP it deserves!    The CHRT, long a Bastion of Lefty, self grandiose Plebes were always looking into any crack and crevice for evidence of Multicultural and Diversity wrong doing, whether real or imagined, reminiscent of the MacCarthy Witchhunts in the 1950s were always in the news, with their wagging fingers at the ready.  Certainly glad these Turd Bandits got wiped, and flushed by the Justices of Canada, next step, fire them all and get common sense Canadians to sit on the board instead of past Liberal Lefty appointees from the previous Liberal Government of ex Prime Minister Jean (I am a total Friggin Idiot) Chretien, who we all remembered ha d his government petition the release of Omar Khadrs dad from a Pakistani prison in the 1990s for his role in  Bombing the crap out of a Consulate in Pakistan.

I say, serves you right, ya wankers!

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Yesterday, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal did something its never done in its 32-year history. It acquitted somebody of "hate speech" charges. Until now, the tribunal had a 100% conviction rate.

In a 107-page ruling, tribunal member Athanasios Hadjis didn't just throw out the case against Marc Lemire, he threw out the law, too, calling it an infringement of the free speech guarantees of the Charter of Rights.

Hadjis is no wild-eyed civil libertarian. In the recent past, he himself has convicted people under this same law. And, before Jean Chretien appointed him to the tribunal, Hadjis was the boss of one of Montreal's largest multicultural lobby groups, which thrived on ethnic identity politics. But even Hadjis has had enough of the human rights industry and their fetish for political correctness.

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