Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Can a Sikh Terrorist be a Canadian lawyer, to Stave Deportation?

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Don't that beat all, hijack a plane with 265 people, threaten to throw off the bodies of the kidnapees one by one, sneak illegally into Canada, get a degree in law, apply to the Law society to be a Lawyer, one can only assume to stave off deportation back to India, cause in his words, if he is deported he may be killed for his previous terrorist actions. No Shit Sherlock! Don't let the aircraft door hit you in the ass on your way back to India to face the music.

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Can terrorist be lawyer? 1984 hijacker seeks to avoid deportation
By SAM PAZZANO, COURTS BUREAU Last Updated: 2nd September 2009, 5:13am

A convicted hijacker and terrorist who is facing deportation tried to convince the Law Society of Upper Canada that he's rehabilitated and should be called to practise law in Ontario.

Parminder Singh Saini testified yesterday he made a "terrible, wrong decision" when he commandeered a five-man Sikh team that hijacked an Indian Airlines jet with 265 passengers in July 1984.

"I had no legitimate right to do that ... It's not legal," said the now 46-year-old Saini, who graduated from University of Windsor law school two years ago, and was testifying at a "good character" hearing at the law society.

He blamed his youth, ignorance and naivete for blindly following the orders of an extremist student group.

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