Friday, September 04, 2009

British Columbia Laws: Investment up in smoke, tenant's grow-op

Barry Artiste  Op/Ed

Lets see? MMMMMMM, I have been to no less than 300 Grow op and Meth Lab busts for various Police agencies and Municipalities, to ensure chemicals, booby traps etc used in these drug labs do not harm officers and other officials alike.

Yep, Renting out a home to tenants, you takes yer chances. With Tenant vacancy rates at an all time low, can you blame landlords renting their investment, never knowing that phone call they get may be the police notifying you your Investment is a Grow Op!

Pay me now or pay me later, seems to be the Buzzword in a Province who have little regard to citizens who invest in BC housing, with social activists who demand affordable housing, and F*CKING MORONS who State time and time again, Marijuana is Harmless, certainly do not own homes for rent,  It is uncomprhensible that criminals walk away from prosecution every time, leaving the home a total loss and upwards of 100K in fines, refit costs etc, including never getting insurance on your home again, yet alone a mortgage on the previous home that was used as a Grow Op.  Looking at the file photo of the accused, one wonders one day if a distressed homeowner doesn't use some country justice on the tenants who destroy their retirement plans.  Would any political party in BC stand up for citizens rights, Hell NO! This is BC where Drugs are King, and politicans it seems prefer to leave it that way for decades to come.  But on the other hand it is you the citizens who must share blame in all this, cause after all you keep FRIGGIN VOTING IN THESE MORONS!

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It's bad enough that Sue Livingston's tenant almost burned down the rental house when his grow-op ignited.

But what really bugs the Duncan woman is that the homeowners are the only ones being punished.

Livingston's house is badly damaged, her insurance coverage is in doubt, she's on the hook for thousands of dollars in police and fire costs -- and the tenant isn't even being charged.

"It's so unfair that this person gets to walk, leaving this damage behind him," she said.

It's yet another cautionary tale for anyone thinking of renting out a house.

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