Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back behind the veil, Our Dreams are Gone! : Afghani Women Speak

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

When Canada says we are trying to win the Hearts and Minds of Afghanis and improve their life, it is pretty much a Moot point when Men of Afghanistan rate Afghani Women below their own Cattle and treat women as Breeding stock, at the whim of men.

Again the rules are not to apply when cultures from other countries flee to come to Canada or for the West for that matter.  But how does one tell a culture, what you are doing is against Western Culture, without being brought up on charges by the Human Rights Tribunals of slandering parts of their culture?  You can't! 

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“My dreams are gone.”

“It is already too late for me.”

“My life has been destroyed.”

At first, the words pouring from the mouth of the girl with jewel eyes hemmed in kohl sound like a typical teenage lament.

Her tone is plain and without melodrama – she believes what she says. And there are plenty of reasons she should.

In the span of about one year, the 15-year-old, named Sitara, has been yanked out of school, off a path that hinted at promise, and sold by her father for 700,000 Afghanis (about $15,000) into a marriage that, already, she has “nothing left for.”

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