Monday, September 21, 2009

Afghanistan's drug problem may 'kill a generation'

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Perhaps with War and Bombs all around them, Heroin provides an escape from reality, if not for a brief period, with continued use a permanent respite from reality.

Some in Nato say we are losing the war against the Taliban, perhaps we are, as who knows if this society will revert back to their old ways once our troops pull out!

Be nice to have a country, a democratic country, where life could return to normal, but when your neighbours are unstable, is there any wonder why our war against the Taliban will fail?

One exception is Iran, though they have internal political problems, who doesn't?  At least Iran tries to rehabilitate their drug addicted.

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KABUL -- He nudged the needle into his groin and marveled at how his own blood swirled into the syringe. Then, with the precision of a skilled and hungry junkie, he injected himself over and over in an arc between his bony hips until the syringe delivered the last drop of heroin and a peaceful stupor set in. Ikram closed his eyes and wavered, and with his right hand touched his left arm, repeatedly, as if to check that it was still there.

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