Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Ugandans missing after Toronto cricket tournament

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Goodness gracious,Canada seems to be a haven for lost tourists from other third worlds,perhaps these visitors who seem directionally challenged may find a church for sanctuary, or perhaps end up in the USA like many do!  It seems these 6 directionally challenged visitors to our fair burg of Torantaw somehow got missing? Perhaps they were playing Cricket in their hotel room, and hit the ball out the window, by mistake of course, I am sure these 6 Ugandans are searching high and low for this errant ball, perhaps even crossing the border into the USA at night where surely they may find a ball similar to the one they lost, perhaps New York city has cricket balls, I bet that is where they are heading, cause as everyone knows New York are Big Cricket Fans.  Canada is such a friggin joke!

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Canadian immigration authorities are searching for six Ugandan nationals who failed to make their flight home from a cricket tournament in Toronto, according to a senior official with the Africa Cricket Association.

The six Ugandans were members of their country’s Under-19 cricket team which was taking part in the U-19 World Cup qualifiers tournament.

Cassim Suliman, CEO of the Africa Cricket Association, said Ugandan cricket officials and Canadian immigration authorities were searching for the players.

The players were being chaperoned by Henry Osinde, a Ugandan-born member of the Canada’s cricket team, along with two Ugandan-born semi-pro players, Kamyuka Kenneth and Joel Olweny, said Suliman.

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