Saturday, September 05, 2009

20 dumb questions Banff tour operators hear on the job

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Gee I can think of way more than 20 questions people ask, including one I got when in Blaine, Washington in the USA at a sporting goods shop.  I wanted to have a special order shipped to my place.
The clerk asked me where I wanted it shipped to, and I said Vancouver, Canada, He said, Vancouver is in Washington (true there is a Vancouver, Washington)  I replied, No! Vancouver, British Columbia!
The clerk replied they do not ship to England, but I hear it rains a lot, just like here!

Now for many who are not from  Canada, Blaine, Washington is like 18 miles from Canada, so you can imagine my surprise when he said that!  AH the American School system, I wonder if Obama is stopping by Washington State schools to drop off a Lesson Plan in Geography?

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20 dumb questions Banff tour operators hear on the job

By Lisa Monforton, Calgary Herald It could be all that fresh mountain air. Or maybe it's the altitude, a different time zone or even jet lag.

Otherwise there's no excuse for what makes tourists ask the dumbest questions.

There are some real gems, and it happens all the time. Just ask the patient and good-natured folks who make a living showing tourists around Banff National Park.

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