Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why men get all the glory in the kitchen

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You know what really puzzles me?  The Term "All Great Chefs are Men", Now many of us growing up remember Good Old Dad carving the Christmas Turkey, standing Majestically at the Head of the Table "Eatin Irons" in hand, while us kids marvel at Dads skill as he carves the Big Bird, Mom sits on the sidelines, almost passively letting Dad have his moment, After all it has always been Dads Domain as head of the family, when actually  has always been Mom who was the one up at 4 am prepping and roasting the Big Bird and all the Fixins.   On the other hand, many Great Chefs when asked who is the best cook around, invariably the response is "My Mom"! 

So lets call a spade a spade, Moms always silently give credit to Good Old Dad in letting him share the Glory reserved for Mom as Dad Carves the Big Bird! Because after all if Dad were left to cook the Big Bird, we would all be DEAD of Food Poisoning. 

In Ending, Lets just Give the Baby his Bottle and Give credit where it is actually due, and thats MOM, so we'll all say "All Great Chefs are Men", but its "Moms Home Cooking" that Sustains us, including Great Chefs!

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Why men get all the glory in the kitchen Notice the Term Chef is bandied about for Men, yet Cook is regaled to Mom?  Perhaps a misnomer, lets just say Moms home cooking, beats out the worlds best Chef, By Pam Freir, Times ColonistAugust 26, 2009 Here's a question for you. "Why is it, when women do most of the cooking, men get all the glory?"

I'm not thinking of around the home; I'm not thinking of the Food Channel; I'm thinking of the superstars of gastronomy who pack in the crowds and rake in the millions simply by cooking food and putting it on the table.

I have some figures for you. Searching through my list of the 50 World's Best Restaurants 2009 I found just one restaurant run by a woman, in South Africa: Le Quartier Français, Margo Jansen in charge. Adjusting my search terms, I found two pairs of equal partners -- Nadia Santini, who works with her husband at Dal Pescatore, in Italy; and Elena Arzak, who works with her father at Arzak, in Spain.

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