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This is not domestic violence

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

If memory serves me correctly, didn't a small Quebec town called "Herouxville" foresee this years before?   Did not a town councillor Andre Droin, on behalf his constituents, make a plea to all levels of the Canadian government politicians to take action against those who arrive in Canada that Canadians do not accept this form of Cultural Savagery?  Did not this Councillor on behalf of his constituents draft a town charter, including submitting it to the provincial and federal government that perhaps Immigrants who practice this form of degrading practice of oppressing women, including killing them, learn about Canadian Customs before they decide to come to Canada?   Did not these small town country folk of farmers far removed from the International World stage of Politics insist all levels of government to take action on new arrivals and assist them in learning what is acceptable in Canada and what is not?

Did not the Politicans, Media and some World citizens mocked, laughed at and ostracized this small town as racist, backwards, unclued and uneducated Hicks who know not what they speak of?  Certainly the adage of if you refuse to protect the female species from harm, you are then part of the problem!  As they say what goes around, comes around!  

Since Herouxville's foray into World Politics, Honour Killings seem to be all around us, both in Canada and in the World.  Despite Canadian Politicians, Media and the Public stating, these Honour Killings are rare and almost non existent in Canada.  Herouxville voiced protection of Canadian Values for all Canadians regardless of race of religion and welcomed anyone to immigrate to theor small town if those abide by the Towns Guidelines.   Some Canadians, Media and Politicians "POO POO'D" this ideal by the Herouxville citizenry as Fear Mongering!   Herouxville countered that Canada and the Canadian way of Life, her freedoms and culture were in danger of being lost forever.  Freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.  Freedom of Expression, Womens Rights, Gay Rights, Freedom of Association and other rights we hold dear.   Is it Fear Mongering when recently Afghanistans previous vote on legitimizing Rape between a husband and wife who may withhold her affections.  Certainly a value such as this has no place in Canadian Society, as well as Honour Killings in Canada and the World Over.   

Funny how Herouxvilles predictions make it seem that simple country folk see what Canada failed to see!  Are they like Nostradomus' who could foresee the future?  Hell No!   Herouxville, like many of us around the world use common sense, we see what is going on, what is foretold and informed the public, media and governments of our fears from many observations in the Canadian Media, and know of the events to come.

Observations by many of us who like Herouxville, totally different observations by a clueless Government and media who would prefer to lay prostrate on the ground and have those who wish to destroy or change the Canadian way of life by those whowill relish to step on their pale white pink bellies.   Once that is said and done it will be too late to go back, it is best to nip it in the bud now.

Harper spouts their Government is a Common Sense Government, so best our Prime Minister put that Common Sense into practise before Canadians regret putting Harper and his Conservatives behind the wheel of Power. ( We all know the Liberals, if behind the wheel would be useless as they rely heavily on the immigrant vote in order to get elected).

There is a wise saying, " Heed me know, or Heed me later" , best put policies in place letting those know in advance what Canada's culture and laws are, so if those who disagree, can look elsewhere to immigrate.

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This is not domestic violence If we are to stop honour killings in the West, we must see them for what they are

By Raheel Raza, The Ottawa Citizen July 28, 2009

Two men appear in court in London charged with throwing acid in the face of the suspected lover of a British Muslim woman, blinding him; on the same date, in Canada, a brother, father and mother are accused of murdering three teenagers and their stepmother in Kingston; in Texas two teenage sisters are shot and killed, and their father is wanted, accused of murdering them because he was upset by their "western ways"; In New York the founder of Bridges TV, Muzzammil Hassan, is arrested for allegedly having beheaded his wife, Aasiya Z. Hassan, who had recently filed for divorce.

Domestic violence? Drug- related murders? Not by a long shot. These cases have two things in common. They were allegedly perpetrated by Muslims against Muslims, and the motive in each case seems to be "honour."

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