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The Numbers game: Will Muslims dominate the West?

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

If the studies of immigration flow in Europe is true, in which it has been forecast that 40% of Europe will be predominiately Muslim, who is to blame? Surely you cannot blame the Muslims, You invited them! Many countries in Europe, such as France, Netherlands, Denmark etc were pretty much Lefty Socialists, with the Multicultural Diversity Flag wrapped snuggly around their purlant white bottoms! 

I remember reading media articles when I was posted in Bruunsen about European Leaders and it's Socialist citizens boasting "Look World!!! See how progressive we are? Why aren't you North America?
As early as the 1970s  once a person hit Dutch soil, one could expect a welfare check, housing and other perks.  Europe needed workers, the middle east and africa had an abundance of them.  Now all of  a sudden Europe when economies and jobs hit the crapper, Europeans started to rethink Multiculturalism since the late 80s when it was clear Riots in the Streets in downtown Ghettos in European cities a;; pver had citizens wondering WTF? But We Europeans were so accomodating to Immigrants! What Happened?  Now you say you are not happy and you don't like us now? Yeah! That's pretty much it in a Nutshell! Assimilation into European Society was never a Immigration priority, course Europe never bothered to state this as a requirement of citizenship, and if one has ever visited Europe many of these cities have ethnic ghettos, in which even heavily armed police fear to tread!

As the story states, it is true, not all Muslims are bad, the same for the Jewish peoples, Africans etc. For Christ sakes, these people had been living in Europe for thousands of years until the Spanish Inquisition cancelled their Lives over Religious differences and sent them packing.  These peoples brought the much needed basics to get Europe out of the stone age, such as the Sciences, Math, Astronomy, Art, Culture and Metallurgy.  Religion has always been a sore point with Immigrants in a Christian society, many fear Shari'a and wonder what Islamic law has in store for them in the event Europe becomes 40% Muslim, especially when Muslims see Western societies who for eons accepted Jewish law. There is a differrence, Islam is a missionizing religion, Judaism is not. Islamists aspire to apply Islamic law to everyone, while observant Jews seek only themselves to live by Jewish law.

So in ending, Europeans, you reap what you failed to sow, and that is "If you invite someone into your home, without first explaining the Ground Rules first, then don't complain if your guests decide to redecorate your home to their liking, and insist your home is theirs as well, because after all you invited them to stay, and it looks like they ain't leaving anytime soon!

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 The Numbers game: Will Muslims dominate the West?
By Douglas Todd 08-15-2009

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It is a frightening vision of future Europe, the logic of which Canadians would be wise to monitor.
It goes like this: The population of Europe will be 40-per-cent Muslim by 2020.
Due to high immigration and birthrates, the forewarning declares, Muslims from the Middle East and Africa will soon dominate much, if not all, of European politics, education and the courts. Some prophets warn Muslims in Europe will impose shariah law on everyone -- banning homosexual relationships, forcing all women to wear headscarves and allowing men (not women) to be polygamous. The continent might as well become known as "Eurabia."

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