Monday, August 24, 2009

Mom gives bullied son OK to fight back

Barry Artiste Op.Ed

I am sure many Now Public readers when growing up suffered bullying in one form or another, so when all avenues fail, fists may become the best defence against offence.

Unfortunately, if it comes to fruition and the victim "Kicks the Snot out of the Bully" one can be sure the full measure of the law will come down on the NEW Bully, regardless that the law or the land failed to protect the victim in the first place.

Then on  the other hand the media is full of stories where the victim was found dead by bullying classmates or outsiders, so learning to protect oneself and not backing down by showing confidence in oneself may be enough to avert a beating. Martial arts first rule is to not to go out and starting Kicking Ass, Martial arts is to instill confidence in oneself in learning how to protect yourself if attacked.
Certainly lost on many students whose life revolves around violent video games and emulating their UFC heroes.

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WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg mother has sent her bullied son to learn kick-boxing and given him a green light to "kick the snot out of" his alleged tormentor when school starts next month.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said a bully has been tormenting her son for years.

"He's now taking kick-boxing and feeling very good about himself. It's about time he took a stand and stood up for himself," said the boy's mother.

"He has my full permission to kick the snot out of [the other boy] if he comes up to him."

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