Monday, August 17, 2009

Lone kids Seeking Shelter at Canadian border

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Parents looking to jump the immigration queque have found yet another loophole in Canada's Immigration system.  Enter the USA illegally, if caught, run and hide, but send your children to walk that lonely stretch of international road to Canada's border, while their parents skulk behind the bushes and watch. 

Once the child enters the Canadian Border office, they are quickly processed, given food and shelter and schooling and medical care until they turn 18.  At 18 they are considered for Canadian Citizenship. 

Of course the day these Children who arrive in Canada are questioned on the whereabouts of their Family, country of origin etc, in most cases these children who previously could not remember their parents names, country of origin or whereabouts, suddenly remember everything once they attain citizenship in Canada. I guess Citizenship is good for Memory Loss when these children now Adults begin to sponsor their long forgotten Parents.  Parents who abandoned them are now sitting and living in the USA Illegally or back in their own third world shit hole with their suitcases packed, eager to make a run for the (Canadian) border.

Certainly any parent of lost children, regardless of country of origin would make a concerted effort to find them.  Some in Canada believe children from these countries,are oppressed, though it belies their stupidity, as most of us know many students under the guise of "visa'd " students never intend on going to a Canadian school, but disappear from the Canadian radar once they step off the plane and make their way to New York.

Canada and the US have always been played as Suckers when it comes to the Kid Glove Treatment of Illegals, Democrats, Liberal politicians have consistently fought to maintain the status quo, in order to favour the ethnic vote, regardless that immigrants who patiently wait in line are ethnic and sitting on their suitcases at home for years looking to live the American Dream. Some get here, by hook or by crook, and now use their own children as bait!

Who ever said to "Live the American Dream", never got a Free Ride on the Canadian Gravy Train.

As for parents who misuse children this way, are the lowest of the lowest Scum of the Earth,

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TORONTO -- As many as four children a week are showing up without parents or loved ones at Niagara Falls border crossings to file refugee claims to stay in Canada, U.S. immigration workers say.

And some suspect unscrupulous consultants could be behind the scheme to send child refugees here for a hefty fee so that one day they can sponsor their parents.

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