Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liberals gear up for fall election after an uneventful summer

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Yep, Pipe Dreams all around as the Lieberals prepare for an election that ain't gonna happen!
But then Lieberals don't care what Canadians want as an overwhelming majority of voters don't want an election, Nonetheless, Ignatiff is steamrolling ahead whether Canadians like it or not!  Typical Lieberals if you ask me, in their quest of "Ask Not What I Can Do For My Country, But What's In It For ME!  Of Course with the Lieberals, It equates to a BIG PAYCHEQUE!

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Liberals gear up for fall election after an uneventful summer Jane Taber From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 10:36PM EDT Michael Ignatieff's Liberals are stepping up their election readiness, preparing attack ads against the Harper Conservatives and discussing two dates in November as the most likely scenario for a vote.

The Liberal Leader has already posed for campaign pictures at his official residence, Stornoway. And as many as 40 candidates out of a possible 75 in Quebec will be nominated by Labour Day.

Senator David Smith, one of the co-chairs of the national campaign, says the Liberals are in “good shape” in the rest of Canada as well with the bulk of the 233 other candidates ready to go by mid-September.

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