Friday, August 21, 2009

John Lennon tapes reveal Beatles bickering

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

One could also assume the breakup could be attributed to continued drug abuse amongst the Fab Four.

Listening to their early work and later works certainly shows a decline into a drug induced fog.

As for the Lennon MacCartney feud, songwriting credits was always a bone of contention when both wanted their name to appear first in the credits.

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Secrets behind the Beatles' split are about to be laid bare in the pages of rock magazine Rolling Stone, thanks to unearthed interviews with an angry John Lennon.

The Imagine singer sat down with Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner shortly after the Fab Four parted ways and revealed a few home truths about the real reasons behind the split - something the four former Beatles have rarely spoken about.

Wenner released the tapes for celebrated rock journalist Mikal Gilmore's study on what tore the band apart, which appears in the upcoming issue of the publication.

The 1970 tapes have also been released to U.S. TV news show Entertainment Tonight, which aired Lennon's comments on Wednesday.

Lennon can be heard telling Wenner, "We sold out... and I felt sick."

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