Sunday, August 23, 2009

An ideology, not a fact

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

One thing sorely missing in this story is "Common Sense", whether you call it integration or assimilation, Silos or Cultural Ghettos, it is still the "Same Sh"t, just a Different Diaper"! Multiculturalism fine, as long as it does not offend Canadian Sensibilities, such as butchering your daughter into little pieces cause she looks at a boy which displeases you!  Diversity, Sure why not, just don't Blatently Lie that a Burqa or Polygamy is a Religious mandate, We weren't born yesterday. This is Canada, learn either of our two official language and Canadian customs,after all you came here, so we must be a country you fled to, so learn what we are all about before coming here, assimilate and get used to it or get the Hell outta Dodge.  Get it! Got it! Good!

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Last February, police in North Carolina arrested 73 people in a major cockfighting bust. Many of those arrested were illegal immigrants from Hispanic countries where cockfighting is a favourite sport.

Thousands of people take part in cockfighting in many parts of the United States, although all states have passed laws against it. Enthusiasts in Louisiana have sued the U.S. government, claiming its ban on shipping fighting birds discriminates against Hispanics because cockfighting is integral to their culture. The plaintiffs in the suit apparently haven't heard that the United States is a “melting pot” rather than a multicultural society.

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