Monday, August 24, 2009

Do brains work differently for lefties, righties?

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

Quite the quandary we live in, consumer products benefitting the right handed, for the left handed the consumer products can be much more expensive, then one would think that since it is more expensive to manufacture and lefty products are in demand, you would think the used lefty products would fetch a higher resale value over the mass produced right tighty, lefty lucy products?  No such luck, used lefty products are either not salable or are drastically reduced in price for the most part.

As for me I am ambidextrious, I love women right or left!

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WINDSOR, Ont. — Kristen Kaploun knows, first-hand, all about the degree of misunderstanding between right-handed people and the world's lefties.

Her left-handed brother often complained that everything was unfairly designed for the right-handed.

She was told her mother used to come home from school with a reddened left hand, the result of having her knuckles rapped by teachers determined to make her write with her right.

Now the graduate neuropsychology student from the University of Windsor is making it the focus of her research to increase understanding of how "left or right handedness" affects how the brain processes language and words.

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